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13-year-old ZOE STRANEK's problems just went GALACTIC...


Ever since Zoe’s dad disappeared, Zoe has always worn the bracelet he gave her. This thing never leaves her wrist, so you can imagine her surprise when one day it starts beeping and flashing laser light all around the room… well that’s new!


That's when ULAV, a short purple alien, bursts in -- can this day get any weirder?

Ulav explains that he and Zoe’s dad were secret space agents working for the INTERGALACTIC AGENCY, or IA, fighting evil across the universe. Zoe's dad was the revered AGENT 202, before he went MIA at the far edge of the universe.


Oh, and one more thing: when Zoe activated the bracelet, it sent out a GPS signal to the nefarious GENERAL GORE. General Gore has been scouring the galaxy in search of that bracelet, which in addition to being stylish is the one and only key that can free his planet from their inter-dimensional prison: ZEROSPACE.


Now Zoe has to pick up her father's mantle and finish the work he started by becoming the ultimate undercover spy: AGENT 203.

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Scifi for girls


Yes, it is possible.
Toon2Tango, Mondo and Cosmos Maya are bringing Scifi into the girls arena! And why not?

It's not because it has not been done before that it is impossible, right?

We take the same ingredients as always:
a crazy alien invader, a secret organization protecting Earth, etc.

And then we add some: HQ in a beauty salon, gorgeous robot spies, wonderful outfits, etc.


At a school dance, Zoe uses a charm to improve her lame dance skills, but it malfunctions, alerting Gore's spies at the dance.


The kids design a video game, imprinting its villain as Zoe's mom's personality as a joke. But when the game becomes real, the villain threatens to destroy Earth. Can Zoe stop her "mom"?

ZOE 2.0


Ulav makes a Zoe replica bot to take her place at school while she helps Ulav defeat an assailant. But the robot proves more popular that Zoe, and refuses to give up the role.


While on a school trip at a science museum, Zoe's bracelet activates a space rock that turns out to be a creature that she now has to hide and send home.


At a costumed comic-con, Zoe tries to split time between her besties -- but exposes herself to a real alien bounty hunter at the con.


When Ulav's mom arrives, Zoe idealizes her over her own mom. But Ulav's mom turns out to be big trouble.

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Thanks for submitting! Zoe will come to your screens in 2023!

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